Don't Believe the Hype: Protect Your Home from Foreclosure Today

There is new information pertaining to what your mortgage lender is up to if you are facing a home foreclosure. New statistics prove that even as your lender promises to remedy your foreclosure issues through a loan modification, they have also employed an attorney to move ahead with foreclosure anyway. The process the mortgage lender is using to cover all their bases is known as a double tracking. It's important to know that foreclosure is much less expensive for the lender than modifying your loan. A mortgage lender would much rather own your home than deal with the process of loan modification. The question you have to ask at this point is: How dedicated is your mortgage lender in honestly completing the loan modification process?

To deal with this kind of sneaky business, we at The Center For Debt Relief have created a ground-breaking tactic to help homeowners get a fair deal. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys calls our process DOUBLE TRACKING as well BUT we put our clients interests first. You can feel at ease when The Center For Debt Relief files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, putting all the power of the law on your side. No matter what means of foreclosure the mortgage lender is using to take back your residence, it will stop dead in its tracks. Not only can we stop foreclosure, The Center For Debt Relief is able to considerably trim down other existing debts such as your 2nd mortgage. With our expertise backing your next move you are in the prime position to apply for a loan modification.

No matter what the mortgage lender reports, you can't be turned down for a loan modification due to being in the process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

When you hire The Center For Debt Relief to help some of the solutions we commonly arrange for our clients are:

1) Wipe out credit card and medical debt.

2) The reduction, or elimination, of your car payment.

3) Adjustment or forgiveness of a 2nd mortgage.

4) A full halt to home foreclosure.

5) The application for a loan modification without frightening deadlines.

The Chapter 13 Plan is widely known as The middle class bailout, and now you know why. With a quick email or a phone call to The Center For Debt Relief at 404.748.9246 you can schedule a meeting with one of your lawyers immediately. When you make that phone call, don’ t forget to let the specialist know you’ re dealing with a home foreclosure. You will be pleasantly surprised just how fast our firm addresses your issue and you can get back to making your life the best it can be.